Laying Down Your Financial Foundation

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

12:00 p.m.

1-Hour Substantive Credit

Financial Planning for Lawyers: While everyone understands the importance of financial planning, most presentations are centered around retirement planning. However, attorneys have other concerns. Right out the gate they are burdened with significant student loan debt. They start to make good money, but are paying more in taxes. As a result, their children are less likely to qualify for financial aid so they have to weigh their own retirement against their kids’ education. Depending on their comp structure, salary may be dispersed at the end of the year making budgeting difficult to plan for.

 The seminar covers the following:         

·         Retirement Planning

·         Family Planning

·         Tax Reduction Strategies

·         Student loan repayment strategies

·         Estate Planning

·         Planning for aging parents

·         Budgeting


$ 25 – NCBA Members admitted to practice before 11/1/15 & all BALC Members

$ 20 – NCBA Members admitted to practice on or after 11/1/15

$ 40 – All other attorney attendees                

Registration is required and may be completed online at the Northampton County Bar Association website:

Materials, Online CLE Attendance Form and login information will be emailed to you the morning of the program.

IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS REGISTERING, you can register by email at