The Northampton County Bar Association is governed by the Officers and Board of Governors consisting of
thirteen Active members of the Association. Two members of the Board are members who have fewer than seven
years experience as an attorney.

Officers – 2022

  • Paul J. Harak — President
  • Steven B. Molder — President-Elect
  • Jeremy F. Clark — Vice-President
  • Rebecca Kulik — Treasurer
  • Michael A. Santanasto— Secretary
  • Maura Zajac McGuire—Past President

Board of Governors

  • Tyree A. Blair, Sr.
  • David J. Ceraul 
  • Erika A. Farkas
  • Isaac A. Hof
  • Jill Kelly McComsey
  • Mark B. Stanziola
  • Dennis W. Winegar

Zone II Delegates – PBA House of Delegates

  • Michael C. Deschler
  • Keri A Schantz
  • Joel M. Scheer
  • Frank W. Yandrisevits
  • Maura Zajac McGuire – President Representative
  • Jonathan M. Huerta – Zone Governor